EAPSPI’s information letter “Euro Pension Bulletin” (EPB) keeps you informed about EAPSPI’s member institutions and the Secretariat General as well as overlapping issues relevant for the association. EAPSPI publishes the EPB three times a year.


2013 - Ahead with a new Board of Directors
Hagen Hügelschäffer, AKA

The first "Find your Pension" seminar in Karlsruhe
Claudia Wegner-Wahnschaffe, VBL

EAPSPI conference 2012: Europe's agenda for adequate, safe and sustainable pensions
Aitor Emaldi, Elkarkidetza

What doesn't go together should stay apart - Chris Verhaegen at the EAPSPI conference
Barbara Bertolini, Institutional Money

The White Paper on Pensions - A cornerstone for future pension policies
Eva Kiwit, BVK / AKA

Transposition of the AIFM Directive in EU Member States: A first field report on the pathways and wrong turn of transposition in Germany
Dr. Roberto Cruccolini, AKA

The French Public Service Additional Pension Scheme
Jean-Michel Horrenberger, ERAFP

Recent reforms of welfare Institutions in Italy: A Super-INPS was born
Carlo Marino, INPS / INPDAP

The EU-Commission's public hearing on the review of the IORP directive
Dr. Roberto Cruccolini, AKA

Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) - Consequences for the Public Pension Sector
Georg von Hinüber, AKA

Principles of the US FATCA legislation and its impact on occupational pension schemes in Europe
Michael Mayr, AKA

The social security in Argentina
Dr. Daniel Elias, Pension Fund of the Province of Entre Rios

The “"Holistic Balance Sheet"”: A future regulation concept for occupational pension provision?
Dr. Roberto Cruccolini, AKA

The Portability Directive –- The condemned live longer
Hagen Hügelschäffer, EAPSPI/AKA

Occupational pension in Europe –- Pension security through diversity and awareness
Aitor Emaldi, Elkarkidetza

The European Court of Justice condemns different treatment of the insured person the basic of their sex
Elena Marisol Brandolini

EIOPA's Call for Advice (CfA) - The beginning of a new consultation period
Hagen Hügelschäffer, EAPSPI

Europe Public Pension Funds conference
Aitor Emaldi, Elkarkidetza

Pensions in Ireland: An overview of key challenges and policy responses
David Owens, Department of Finance

Public Service Pensions in the UK - All change once again!
Ian Clapperton, SPPA

Pensions reform in Italy: A historic overview of the 1990s until the Dini reform of 1995
Carlo Marino, Inpdap

The Green Paper on Pensions - Starting point for further Commission initiatives
Hagen Hügelschäffer, AKA

Implementation of the European Court of Justice Judgment against the Federal Republic of Germany in Regards to the Conversion of Earning into Pension Savings for Local Authority Employees
Eva Kiwit, BVK

Spain - 2010/2011 Pension Reform Plans
Aitor Emaldi, Elkarkidetza

EAPSPI conference 2010 in Paris
Aitor Emaldi Elkarkidetza

Information, advisory services and customer relationship management or how do we manage customer expectations at SPPA
Ian Clapperton SPPA

Mobile researchers: challenge and opportunity for supplemen- tary pension institutions
Claudia Wegner-Wahnschaffe, VBL Germany

Ways out of the current crisis - Solutions to the pension challenge of European public sector pension institutions
Bob Holloway Department for Communities and Local Government

Risk management at APG Group NV
Pascal Borghans Senior Risk Controller APG - Corporate Finance, Control & Risk Management

Risk management in the occupational pension schemes of the public and church sector in Germany
Germany - Hagen Hügelschäffer AKA/EAPSPI

Risk management and KPA Pension - maximising opportunities and avoiding the pitfalls
Sweden - Kjell-Ake Lindqvist Risk Manager KPA Pension

The infringement procedure against Germany (C-271/08): Evaluation from the Swedish perspective
Sweden - Professor Dr. Niklas Bruun Professor of Private Law Universities of Helsinki and Stockholm

Budgetary changes affecting the pay of public servants
Budgetary changes affecting the pay of public servants

News from Belgium - Changes at ONSSAPL
Belgium - Philippe Nys, ONSSAPL

Activating the balancing mechanism 2010
Sweden - Johan Sjöström, KPA

Freedom of collective bargaining and public procurement - Infringement proceedings against Germany move to the next phase
Germany - Eva Kiwit, AKA/BVK

Future in Balance - A new corporate design for EAPSPI
Germany - Eva Kiwit, AKA/BVK

EAPSPI's first presentation in Argentina
Italy - Elena Marisol Brandolini, INPDAP

German "Riester" aid partially infringes European law
Germany - Eva Kiwit, AKA/BVK

Position of the German Social Security Association: The social objectives of the EU - A step forward or a step back?
Germany - Dr. Wolfgang Schulz-Weidner, German Social Security Association

EAPSPI's conference 2009 in Berlin
Spain - Aitor Emaldi, Elkarkidetza & Claudia Wegner-Wahnschaffe, VBL

Social security scheme in Argentina facing the crisis
Dr. Walter Arrighi; State-Secretary for Social Security & Dr. Daniel Antonio Elias; President of the Federal Council of Social Security of the Republic of Argentina

The German Civil Servants pension can still be financed
Germany - Gabriela Maria Graf, AKA

Feasibility study for a Pan-European pension fund now in progress
Germany - Claudia Wegner-Wahnschaffe, VBL

Social Europe and competition law
Germany - Georg von Hinüber, AKA

Occupational pension schemes implemented by collective agreements and their advantages
Germany - Hagen Hügelschäffer, AKA/EAPSPI

Collective pension schemes and the financial crisis - the Scandinavian perspective
Norway - Bjørn Hamre, KLP

Solvency II - EAPSPI contributes actively to the Commission's consultation
Germany - Eva Kiwit BVK/AKA & Hagen Hügelschäffer, AKA/EAPSPI

Pensions Funds and the Credit Crisis - The experience within Europe
UK - Brian Town, CLG

The financial emergency measures in the Public Interest Act 2009
Ireland - Damian Smyth, Public Authority Pension Services

Asset Management - EAPSPI's new working group has started its activities
France - Tim Pullman, CDC & Germany - Hagen Hügelschäffer, AKA/EAPSPI

Demographic development in Europe at national and regional level

Germany - Prof. Herwig Birg

Update from Scotland
Scotland - Ian Clappertan, SPPA

Pension Watch
France - Tim Pullman, CDC

How does KLP deal with the ongoing financial crisis?
Norway - Björn Hamre, KLP Insurance

Pensions reform challenges faced by Europe
Switzerland - Dr. Jean J. Pfitzmann, ASIP

EAPSPI Conference in Helsinki from October 08 to 10, 2008
Germany - Eva Kiwit, AKA/BVK

'Penalized for Being Mobile?' Report on Official Bologna Seminar
Germany - Claudia Wegner-Wahnschaffe, VBL

Overview of occupational pensions in Austria, based on the example of ÖPAG
Austria - Sonia Geilert & Martina Unterassinger, ÖPAG

Financing of civil servant pensions in the Federal Republic of Germany
Germany - Gabriela Graf, AKA

Simplification of pensions taxation
UK - Ian Clapperton, SPPA

The ruling of the Federal Supreme Court of Justice concerning the conversion of the public and church sector supplementary pension systems
Germany - Hagen Hügelschäffer, AKA/EAPSPI

New move at ABP
Netherlands - Léon Janssen, ABP

First pillar special schemes in Europe
Germany - Eva Kiwit, AKA/BVK

Solvency II - Is it necessary in a tax-financed occupational pension system?
Sweden - Johan Sjöström / Björn Selander

The new French law on information on pension rights
France - Tim Pullman

Training for pension scheme governing bodies
Spain - Jon A. Aldecoa

Reorientation of the VBL: Report on a change process
Germany - Claudia Wegner-Wahnschaffe

Joint Conference of EAPSPI and AEIP on portability
Europe - Eva Kiwit, AKA/BVK

Social Security Fund
Spain - José Carlos Garay

Almost there! - Reforms and changes to pension schemes completed
Scotland - Ian Clapperton

Belgium - New system of Wage related indexation
Belgium - Philippe Nys

Free collective bargaining: A danger for the Single Market?
Germany - Klaus Stürmer, AKA

Directive on portability: An ongoing debate
Europe - Hagen Hügelschäffer, AKA/EAPSPI

Joint Conference of EVVÖD and AEIP
Europe - Hagen Hügelschäffer, AKA/EAPSPI

Pension Update from Germany
Germany - Eva Kaiser

Latest news from Scotland
Scotland - Ian Clapperton

Strategic and operational management in public sector pension institutions
Europe - Hagen Hügelschäffer, AKA/EAPSPI

Supplementary pensions schemes in Spain
Spain - Amaia Aldasoro

Pensions Review in Ireland
Ireland - Damian Smyth

VBL enters into dialogue with customers
Germany - Thomas Jahn/Christian Blomberg

Marketing inhouse ABP
Netherlands - Wim Moes

KPA Pension - marketing in a competitive market
Sweden - Sari Zander

Scotland - Pension Update
Scotland - Ian Clapperton

The taxation of supplementary pensions of the public and church sector in Germany
Germany - Hagen Hügelschäffer, AKA/EAPSPI

Recent tax developments in the Netherlands
Netherlands - Leo Bessems

The taxation of pension rights in Sweden
Sweden - Johan Sjöström

Spain - old age pensions and basic rules of taxation
Spain - Amaia Aldasoro

Swedish Goverment occupational pensions
Sweden - Gunnel Carré

New collective agreement for local government employees
Sweden - Johan Sjöström, KPA

What's happening in Scotland
UK - Ian Clapperton

Case law following the reform of the supplementary scheme for public service and churches staff
Germany - Hagen Hügelschäffer, AKA/EAPSPI

Developing a new supervisory framework in EU
Germany - Wolf R. Thiel

Developing a new EU Regulatory and Supervisory Framework for Insurance and Pension funds - The Role of CEIOPS
Summary of the conference held in Frankfort on 16 November 2005

Transposition of Directive 2003/41 EC
Austria - Werner Zarbach

The supplementary pension after the 2001 Reform
Germany - Wolf R. Thiel

Portability within the public service
Germany - Hagen Hügelschäffer, AKA/EAPSPI

The Occupational coverage in the public service
Switzerland - Jean Pfitzmann

Public sector pensions in Scotland
UK - Ian Clapperton

Pension institutions and information right
Claude Dubois

Pensions, Labour Markets and Family Responsibilities
Roger Hessel

The State of Supplementary pensions in Italy
Italy - Maurizio Benetti

Applying Directive 2003/41 to Basque Mutual Provident societies
Spain - J. Aldecoa

Transposition of Directive 2003/41 in German Law
Germany - Christian Anton

Time out for pension reform
UK - Ian Clapperton

New provisions in 2004
Italy - Gabriella Simeone

Propositions for an Affordable and Sustainable Pension Scheme
UK - Bob Holloway

Other Consultations Papers in Scotland
UK - Ian Clapperton

The Survivor Pension of the General Scheme
France - Marc Simon

The Reform of Regulation 1408/71
Germany - Hagen Hügelschäffer, AKA/EAPSPI

Public Sector Pension Review
Jan van Sloten

What happened to the Stocktake
UK - Brian Town

SPPA & Pension Reform
UK - Ian Clapperton

New taxation of pensions
Germany - Hagen Hügelschäffer, AKA/EAPSPI

Portability and new Pension Taxation - Portability within AKA
Germany - Klaus Stürmer, AKA

New Measures for Firefighters
Ireland - Damian Smyth

New reforms of the general scheme
Germany - Hagen Hügelschäffer, AKA/EAPSPI

KPA introduces transferability
Sweden - Johan Berglund

Public service pension reform - Internal disputes resolution procedures
Ireland - Damian Smyth

Responsible investment policy for Sampension

Information network for Elkarkidetza's clients
Spain - Jesus Maria Larretxi

Local government pension scheme
New member Northern Ireland - Jim Milligan

VBL offers a new product
Germany - Claudia Wegner-Wahnschaffe

Henri D'Oysonville - Additional scheme for civil servants
France - Henri D'Oysonville

Forum in Bordeaux

Equal Treatment - simplification of legislation
Germany - Klaus Stürmer, AKA

The Pension Forum of 22 October
Germany - Hagen Hügelschäffer, AKA/EAPSPI

Directive on equal treatment
Mathieu Scheepers

The Pension Reform
France - Yves Guégano

The open method of co-ordination
Dominique Etcheverrry-Halsouet

The Skandia judgement
Germany - Hagen Hügelschäffer, AKA/EAPSPI

The Debra Allondy Case
Dominique Etcheverry-Halsouet

Extension of R 1408/71 to third countries
Jean Luc Duloué

Development of supplementary pensions in the Basque Autonomous Community
Spain - Clara Izurieta

Development strategy for occupational pensions in the Basque Autonomous Country
Spain - Inaki Zabala

Evaluation in view of introducing a single plan in Elkarkidetza
Spain - Jesus Maria Larretxi

New regulations for pensions
Portugal - Vasco Costa

Transferability of pension rights
Sweden - Johan Berglund

Approval of the Directive on IORPs
Mathieu Scheepers

The pension reform
Portugal - Vasco Costa

First step towards a supplementary scheme for civil servants
Spain - Jon Aldecoa

The Danner Case
Germany - Hagen Hügelschäffer, AKA/EAPSPI

The Council of Europe and social protection
Patrick Maupin

LGPS' point of view
Brian Town

Pension (Amendment) Act 2002
Ireland - Damian Smyth

Local authority Members gratuity
Ireland - Damian Smyth

E-Government in social security
Belgium - Nicolas Jeurissen

LGPS' stocktake
UK - Brian Town

Application of EU jurisprudence
France - Marina Mauclaire

Pensions and portfolios
José Carlos Garay

The new supplementary pension scheme
Germany - Hagen Hügelschäffer, AKA/EAPSPI

New legislation for civil servants' pensions
Germany - Helmut Röhrl

Pension taxation
Germany - Hagen Hügelschäffer, AKA/EAPSPI

Italy - Carlo Marino

Application of the 2001 agreement
Spain - Jon Aldecoa

The Griesmar and Mouflin Cases
Marina Levy

Fiscal incentives for occupational pensions
Spain - José Carlos Garay

First report of the COR
France - Yves Guégano

INPDAP Annual Report
Italy - Francesca Corezzi

Civil service pension scheme
UK - Julia Wood

Taxation of occupational pensions
Germany - Klaus Stürmer, AKA & Hagen Hügeschäffer, AKA/EAPSPI

Exchanging ideas and practice
Brian Town - Claude Dubois

The German reform
Germany - Hagen Hügelschäffer, AKA/EAPSPI

Ircantec and the competition law
France - Marina Levy

The Basque police
Spain - Jon Aldecoa

Pensionners' life check
Claude Dubois, Secretariat general

Paperless pension files
France - Michèle Barrault

BCR's data warehouse
France - Pascal Lafon

Final report of the Commission
Ireland - Conor McGinn

End of career in the public sector
Belgium - Philippe Nys

The pension reform
Germany - Hagen Hügelschaffer, AKA/EAPSPI

CGA has moved
Portugal - Vasco Costa

Agreement for the development of the social protection scheme

The Camaratto and Vignone Cases
Belgium - Philippe Nys

Agreement between VBL and the EC
Germany - Claudia Wegner-Wahnschaffe

Eco-tax, legal pensions and supplementary pensions
Germany - Klaus Stürmer, AKA & Walter Dietsch

The hidden face of the pensions systems
Portugal - Vasco Costa

Position regarding European policy
Germany - AKA

The Eurpean pension directive
Netherlands - Mathieu Scheepers

End of career - new developments
Belgium - Philippe Nys

Supplementary social protection
Spain - Jon Aldecoa

Flexible pension for police staff
Netherlands - M. Scheepers & C. v. Heugten

End of extra pensions
Portugal - Vasco Costa

Pre funding of pensions
Ireland - Conor McGinn

KPA has a new principal owner
Sweden - Ingemar Alserud

Compulsory externalisation
Spain - Jon Aldecoa

Public pension changes
Ireland - Damian Smyth

Some guidelines for a pension reform
France - Laurence Jaumont

ABP member of the 'Working group Europe'
Netherlands - Mathieu Scheepers

Pension Forum in Bordeaux
France - Claude Dubois

Pensions Forum in Brussels / Case law
Germany - Klaus Stürmer, AKA

Seminar on supplementary pensions
Géza von Puskás

Active ageing
Thierry Christophoul

Overview on the Canadian pension system
Thierry Christophoul

Transfers from Macao
Portugal - Vasco Costa

INPDAP and supplementary schemes
Italy - Gabriella Simeone

Financing of public sector pension schemes
Germany - Hagen Hügelschäffer, AKA/EAPSPI

Study on the co-ordination of Social Security schemes
Vasco Costa

Early retiremant on grounds of ill health
Xavier Fontquerni-Ribe

Working group on co-ordination
Philippe Nys

New investment regulations
UK - Terry Crossley

Funding of pensions
Ireland - Declan Naughton

Symposium on the financing of pensions
Germany - Hagen Hügelschäffer, AKA/EAPSPI

VBL - The pension scheme for the State and the Länder
Germany - Claus-Jürgen Rissling

Evolution of pensions until 2040
France - Pascal Lafon

Commission on Public Service Pensions
Ireland - Damian Smyth

Pensions for teachers
Belgium - Philippe Nys

Change in the pensionable age
Denmark - Christian Friis - Kenneth Sorensen

Regulation 1606/98 - Position of Italy
Italy - Gabriella Simeone

The early retirement system in the French sector / The durability of the french pension system
France - Ludovic Delhomme

Reflexion on pensions
France - Laurent Vernières

Transfers from Portugal to the Communities
Portugal - Vasco Costa

Transfers to and from the UK / Gratuities for elected members of local authorities
Ireland - Damian Smyth

Local authority pension fund regulations 1998
UK - Terry Crossley

Consultative Pension Committee in Japan
Jean-François Estienne

Different treatment for men and women
France - Claude Dubois

Charter of the social insured person
Belgium - Jean-Pierre Delville

Pension for firemen
Portugal - Armando Guedes

Special conditions for disability due to AIDS
Portugal - Vasco Costa

Pensionability of the temporary wholetime officers
Ireland - Eammon Kennedy

Police pensions review and fire pensions review
UK - Terry Crossley